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X-man game free download, cool games 2011

X-man 2011


Dexterity, force and speed – here that will help to reach victories. For example, Stolen-in-night prefers teleport, the Glutton actively uses hand-to-hand fight, the Ice person struggles with enemies by means of a terrible cold.

And further continue mutate mutants! In fights with them heroes gain valuable experience which lays a footpath to new abilities and new skills.

Fights occur in known places. You visit Statue of Liberty, will visit on lake Craved, and even will get to heart of the huge mechanism, and you should solve, for what it is intended.

Mutants don't sleep! To pass in the ending, it is necessary to you will battle to one hundred opponents. Besides at each fight there is a boss who surpasses any ordinary soldier in force and endurance.


Having plunged into new game «X-man 2011» you for long time will forget about a reality.

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