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World of Tanks bot download

Bot for world of tanks

bot world of tank

Opportunities bot for world of tanks

In the present version of the bot - 5.0 has the following features:

- Bot, if necessary automatically repair the tank, replenish ammunition, and starts a tank in battle.
- During combat, your tank does nothing stands still. In the case of the destruction of your tank, or the fight, the program itself nizhivaet all the "buttons" on the screen of a client of Ira and returned to the hangar just as soon as it wakes possible.
- In case of early withdrawal from a fight when your tank is hit, but the fight is not over and the tank can not be launched into a new fight, the program chooses another tank in order for you to ask yourself.
- If you are disconnected from the game server, the program wakes up to try to get into the game again, up until not come into play. To implement this feature, you must enter and remember your username and password on the login screen in the game. In this case, the login and password is stored by means of the game client and any use of this information, the bot is excluded.
Instructions for running a bot

The only thing to do to earn the bot - to install the client game World of Tanks screen resolution of 1024x768 (in olnoekrannom mode or in a window - no difference, but it is recommended to run in a window). It is also recommended to set minimum quality graphics. And of course - to run the "bot" with administrator privileges, so the program can access the client management game.

The program window looks a bot, nothing more.

download World of Tanks BOT

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