Free download Postal 3 Catharsis, Dude returns in 2011
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Free download Postal 3 Catharsis, Dude returns in 2011

Download Postal 3

Postal 3 free download

Now a few words about the means of killing. General list of weapons in the game is already approaching 30, the most unusual species is currently known such as: Badger, a chainsaw, a rending enemies, vacuum cleaner, used tissues and shoot a beehive.

About transport. Driving the players will not give. But at our disposal will be Segway (electric two-wheeled scooter with a gyroscope). That's it we are going to "dissect" the dusty streets of catharsis.

Also in Postal 3 will be a multiplayer mode, which will include the ever popular "brand" modes of play in the second part. That's what definitely will not be because it is passing a joint. And sorry, I think it would be interesting.

And finally, I will say that in the game, as you may have guessed, will be 2 endings. One, if we will be good and fluffy, and the second if we are angry and biting.

Game 2011 Postal 3 Download

Fascinating computer game Postal 3, developed in the genre of 3D-shooter from 3 persons. Postal 3 - is the third game of the series. The game continues and even expands the style of the previous game Postal 2, it uses a technology called motion capture, starring celebrities including film characters and stars of the magazine Playboy.

Motion capture - a method of animation characters and objects used in the production of cartoons and special effects scenes in the film, is also widely use in the game world.

Dowload Postal 2011

The game's plot.
The protagonist of the game, Waters named Dude, moved from one town where he lived before, Paradis, a new, nearby town of Catharsis. Unlike previous games in Postal 3 is not used technology Unreal engine, the game runs on the Source engine from Valve, which was used as is well known in Half-Life 2.

From manufacturers.
Download Postal 3 to understand that this is a cool, diverse, varied and stunning game that ever came out. Gamers will speak again in the role of dude who moved to the city of Catharsis, after a nuclear explosion, which he had built a paradise. Working on various temporary jobs, meeting with various residents of the city, the player can decide for himself which way he beat the game. It can be a peaceful citizen or a terrorist murderer. Arsenal of weapons to expand, add such a unique weapon as Spiteful Badger and Sickle nunchuk and much more. Reactive environment, the best physics engine, a great artificial intelligence and a huge number of previously encountered game elements, displays this series of games to the next stage of development.

Postal 3 Cheats and Patch

Download free game Postal 3 and enjoy all the charms of the game world, you can directly from us about this website, and without registration. The game is not meant for politicians, those aged, children and priests. This is a game about free will.

Features of this part:
1. Ways through the game: the good, bad and mad.
2. A large number of factions NPC, with a powerful AI and complex system behavior.
3. Multiple Line plot and the value of open space for oznokomleniya.

Game scenario was written by Stephen Wycombe.

Postal 3 demo and screen

Developer: Running With Scissors, Akella, TrashMasters.
Publisher: Running With Scissors, Akella.
Platform: PC (Microsoft Windows, Linux).
Game Engine: Source.
Genre: 3d-shooter.
Game modes: Single player, multiplayer.

Minimum system requirements:
Operating system Windows ® 7 / Vista / Vista64 / XP / Linux
Pentium 4 3.0GHz
1 GB RAM for XP, Linux / 2 GB for Vista
Video card with 128 MB memory, compatible DirectX 9.0,
Shader model 2.0. ATI X800, NVidia 6600 or better
Hard Disk Minimum 7.5 GB of free space
Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9.0c, c ALSA in Linux

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