Download DirectX 12 final, 2011 for a new DirectX Windows 7 and XP
Новые программы 2011 для Windows 7
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Download DirectX 12 final, 2011 for a new DirectX Windows 7 and XP

DirectX 12 final

Download DirectX 12 final, 2011 for a new DirectX Windows 7 and XP

This is a DirectX 12 driver from the Microsoft library. It was specifically designed to improve the graphics and sound capabilities in Windows. It enhances video and audio playback. These drivers are essential for many games, and they highly recommended if you use your computer for multimedia activities.

The best feature of the latest DIRECTX 12 is their ability to work with 3D graphics, which has been greatly improved. If you have a version of DirectX 12 on your system, we note only a slight difference in the amount of free hard disk space, because the new version will overwrite all before them.

Some of the applications included in DIRECTX 12 are:
DirectSound, which plays and records sound waves.
DirectSetup, which is used to install DirectX 12 and features.
DirectPlay, which greatly improves the online communication.
DirectInput, which is used to handle keyboard, mouse and joystick data.

DirectX 12 final download

This set of tools is needed to fully measure the use of your computer. Download DirectX 12 final, you can on the links from our site.

DirectX Happy Uninstall is a tool designed to remove the DirectX 11 from the system.

With DirectX Happy Uninstall you can uninstall all of DirectX, components such as Direct3D, graphics output, DirectInput, DirectPlay, DirectSound, DirectMusic, DirectShow and DirectSetup.

If you want to change the version of DirectX or if you plan to use a different set of API to run your video games, such as OpenGL, it is advisable to completely remove the files, each of DirectX.

Some of the highlighted features of DirectX Happy Uninstall, are:

- Remove all versions of DirectX support.
- Ability to backup for future restoration.
- Easy to use interface.
- Smart repair registry that work with DirectX, not to have the problem of instability in the future.

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